Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mystery Quilt Spring 2012

I finally got borders put on the Spring 2012 Mystery Quilt.  Midget kindly told the little girl next door that she's getting it for her birthday next month.  I had planned to raffle it off... so there will be ANOTHER Spring 2012 Mystery Quilt coming together in the next month.

Here's "her" quilt.

Heather at Heather Spence Designs just announced that signup for the Fall 2012 Mystery Quilt is underway.  Click here for all the details.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jeremy's Disappearing Jermy Quilt Is Finished!

And since he got married TODAY, I guess since I finished the quilt TODAY, that means I'm not really behind, right?  My other friend, Autumn, got married today too - and her quilt is still yardage in the bag from the store!

I named the pattern "Disappearing Jermy" because I took his "e" hostage over a decade ago and still haven't returned it.  It's a disappearing 9-patch with some specific color scheme.  The fabrics are Stonehenge in Ginko from Northcott.  (Except for the focus fabrics that run diagonally through the center of each block).

I used 2 blocks - one with a light gray/stone colored batik.  The other is a darker pebbled stone looking quilter's cotton.  (I didn't get a picture of that block).

The dimensions are 100" x 85" right now.  I am debating putting on side-only borders.  We're getting ready to fly to NC in a day so I've got a few weeks to debate the border issue in my head.  I think that I would do them in one of the dark brown fabrics.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Catching Up... Again

What I've been up to lately:

A wedding quilt in the style of Boston Commons:

A few blocks to contribute toward a quilt for next year's EOD Memorial Ball Auction:

(this is my first ever attempt at paper piecing!)

I found this awesome *free* pattern called Coffin Buzz... I only get to work on it once I've planted myself in bed for the night - but it's getting closer to finished.

Doogie's cousin had a daughter LAST MARCH (as in, over a year ago) and I've had fabric for the quilt... I just never did get to sewing it.  I finished piecing it yesterday.

441 5.5" squares later, I've gotten everything cut for a wedding quilt I'm calling "Disappearing Jermy" for an old, old friend.  It's a disappearing 9-patch with some specific color arrangements.

The Midget decided he wants to learn how to cross stitch... this has turned into a very time-intensive experience for me.  He's starting to understand how to translate the pattern on the paper to the fabric.  Hopefully once that clicks, it will not involve me sitting next to him directing his every move.

And Alice's bulldog teeth have come in.  She will look at us with her upper lip all caught up in her lower teeth and we just laugh so hard.  We've been calling her Cletus (cause were super awesome doggy parents like that - mock the weird).