Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jeremy's Disappearing Jermy Quilt Is Finished!

And since he got married TODAY, I guess since I finished the quilt TODAY, that means I'm not really behind, right?  My other friend, Autumn, got married today too - and her quilt is still yardage in the bag from the store!

I named the pattern "Disappearing Jermy" because I took his "e" hostage over a decade ago and still haven't returned it.  It's a disappearing 9-patch with some specific color scheme.  The fabrics are Stonehenge in Ginko from Northcott.  (Except for the focus fabrics that run diagonally through the center of each block).

I used 2 blocks - one with a light gray/stone colored batik.  The other is a darker pebbled stone looking quilter's cotton.  (I didn't get a picture of that block).

The dimensions are 100" x 85" right now.  I am debating putting on side-only borders.  We're getting ready to fly to NC in a day so I've got a few weeks to debate the border issue in my head.  I think that I would do them in one of the dark brown fabrics.

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