Monday, August 20, 2012

A Second Cutting Tutorial

So, remember this tutorial about how to cut?
I mentioned that I had a method for cutting pieces larger than your ruler.

Allow me to demonstrate that method.

I'm jumping to the point in the last tutorial where you had already ironed the fabric, folded it selvage to selvage and creased the bottom, and squared up one side of the fabric.  

I have also already done the flip/rotate maneuver so that my squared edge is on my left hand side.

Now, I needed to cut a 17.5" wide strip.  

The problem?  My ruler is 8.5" wide.

The solution is to use 2 rulers. 

What I do is this:

First, start with the math.  In this situation, I have an 8.5" wide ruler.  I need a total of 17.5".

So, 17.5" - 8.5" = 9".

I take a second ruler (in this case, it's my 15" square ruler) and line it up on the squared side of the fabric.

*A note: when you are using 2 rulers, it really only matters if one is the full length of the fabric.  In this case, the 8.5" ruler is going to be my "cutting" ruler.

So, now I carefully position my 8.5 x 2" ruler against the 15" square ruler.  

Make sure there are no gaps between the rulers.

Double check you are still perfectly lined up on the squared edge of the fabric.

At this point, you can remove the first ruler (in this case, the 15" square ruler) and focus on the cutting ruler.

Now my cutting edge is at the measurement I need and I can finish cutting the fabric with my rotary using the technique I demonstrated before.

I have found that the key to using this method is to make absolutely sure your rulers are not slipping around on the fabric.

This, especially, is where those True Grips circles come in handy.  (You can see them all over the place on both my rulers).

Remember, take your time to line things up correctly.  If things don't look right, pick the rulers up, walk away, and try again in a few minutes.

It's a pain to mess up a 1.5" strip.  It's a gigantic catastrophe to mess up a 17" or 21" or 36" strip.  

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