Monday, August 20, 2012

BBS 8.0 - Moonrise

I'm a member of and frequently participate in the swaps.

I've got quite a few getting ready to start and today I got my first package for the Boomerang Block Swap 8.0.

The basic premise is this:

Each member sends every other member a fat eighth (F8) of fabric.
A F8 measures approximately 11" x 18".
Using that F8 and their own added materials, each member makes a block of their own choosing and sends it back to the original sender.
You can request certain colors or styles of fabrics but you cannot request a certain style of block.  
All blocks must be 12.5" when mailed back.

This is the fabric I got in the mail today:

And this is the block I'm mailing back tomorrow:

The pattern is called "Paths & Stiles."  

I'm trying not to let the fabric sit around since I've got time to work on the 
blocks now.  A week from today (when school starts back up) my schedule is going to be considerably more crowded - so I'm doing what I can while I can.

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