Monday, October 24, 2011

EOD Wounded Warrior Quilt 2011

About a month ago, I was approached to create a quilt for for an injured EOD tech.  With the help of another EOD wife, we were able to create him an Americana-themed Rail Fence quilt with some really cool personalization. 

First, I put the embroidery machine to use and made a Master Crab

We chose a red stars / blue stars block design.

One of the coolest parts of the quilt was a picture of the team that was dyed into 100% Kona cotton.  The company, The T-Shirt Diner, was able to do it in about a half-hour and for about half of what I'd expected, cost-wise. 

This was the first half completed.  I love how the seams give the top a stained-glass appearance with the sun coming through the doors.

After close to an 8-hour sewing day, I had to walk away for the night.

The quilting was completed over a weekend by a local Great Falls, MT quilter - Denise Shortridge. She did an all-over, medium-sized meander.  The quilt was bound in the lighter blue star fabric.

I feel like the crab in the middle of the border/divider looks almost like a rodeo belt. 

While I was waiting for the quilt to finish it's wash/dry cycle, I made a wheelchair bag for some mobile storage.  The interior is black.

I want to make a HUGE THANK YOU to Ship-It of Great Falls, MT.  They heard who the quilt was going to and cancelled ALL the costs associated with packaging and shipping to help get the quilt to it's new owner as quickly as possible.

If you are local to Great Falls, I want to personally ask you to consider using Ship-It to show your appreciation and thanks for their help by giving them your business.  

Their address is:
825 5th Ave S 
(Intersection of 5th Ave S & 9th S on the NW corner)

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