Saturday, October 22, 2011

Obligatory "About Me" Post

I've been wanting to set up a journal of sorts to keep track of my projects.  I've got some albums on Facebook, but I suppose I want something a little more back-up-able. 

So, since I don't have anything new that I started today, I'm going to just talk about me for a while (courtesy of what I've already got posted on FB). 

I have a midget named The Midget who wishes he was Spiderman, Batman, Johnny Test, or Ben 10 (depends on the day which one he prefers). I like to shoot guns but don't because it scratches up my manicure. If I was rich, I'd eat Japanese food 7 days a week. I can bake like it's my profession, and my vacuum cleaner used to be the most important appliance in my life before we moved to Montana.  Now, I have hardwood floors so it's not used quite as much.  I have 4 nieces, 4 nephews (plus at least 1 more on the way), 4 sisters-in-law, 4 brothers and 4 brothers-in-law. I was in the Air Force (Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical Warfare), but now I'm just married to it. I'm from New York (the OTHER side of NY called "Upstate" although it's really WEST), but I consider Kansas home. I go to school for mathematics with the eventual goal of teaching at the high school level.  I am a terminally horrific driver which is compounded by my equally terminal lack of sleep. I am a nerd and I laugh at my own nerdy jokes. I love the smell of bleach and I hate getting my hands dirty. I am the proud mother of a 2nd grader and I'm having growing pains letting him be a little man. I primarily quilt and cross stitch.

So, why "Pie in the (Big) Sky"?  Well, I have a tendency to have amazing ideas that are frequently paired with an utter lack of desire to implement them.  Of course, that is, until I decide I absolutely HAVE to do it, right away, right now, no second thoughts.  Also, Montana is called "Big Sky Country."  And then, much to my friend's disgust, I can shorten it down to "Pits," and I want to call my (future) little quilting group THE PITS with an exclamation mark where the dot is a tiny uppercase Q.  As in, The Pie In The Sky Quilters.  I love it.  She hates it.  I guess that's how life is sometimes.

In closing, "Once you've arrived at the end of the world, it hardly matters which route you took." - Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion


  1. I'm your first, follower! Woohoo!

    I like the Pits thing. It's cool. And it just works.

  2. Whenever we become official (and right now, "we" might be me and you) I'll get you a shirt.